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Kindergarten Registration Fair
Kindergarten Registration Fair
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Elementary School

Grades K-5:

2014 – 2015 Themes:

Kindergarten – Exploration and Discovery

Grade 1 – Cycles             
Grade 2 – Investigations
Grade 3 – Diversity 
Grade 4 – Cyclic Patterns of Change
Grade 5 – Relationships



Middle School

                    Honors Humanities

                    (English and Social Studies)

                    Honors Math

                    Honors Science


High School

Grade 9        Honors English

                       Honors Geometry             

                       Honors Biology

Grade 10      Honors English

                       Honors Algebra II             

                      Honors Chemistry

Grade 11     Honors Pre-Calculus/Trig

                    Advanced Placement Language and Composition

                    Advanced Placement Biology

                    Advanced Placement Physics I

                    Advanced Placement U.S. History

Grade 12      Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

                    Advanced Placement Calculus

                    Advanced Placement Chemistry

                    Advanced Placement Physics II

                    Advanced Placement Economics (Macro and Micro)

                    Advanced Placement U.S. Government/Politics

                    Advanced Placement Psychology

                    Advanced Placement French IV

                    Advanced Placement Spanish IV

                    Advanced Placement Studio Art


Program Locations

Elementary:            East Washington Academy

                                  Grades K-5

Middle Schools:       Northside Middle School

                                   Southside Middle School

High School:           Central High School

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Prufrock Press Inc

This site is a publishers clearing house for magazines, journals, college textbooks, and other various resource books allowing teachers and parents many choices of reading materials.


Indiana Association for the Gifted

This is the Indiana Association for the Gifted website. This site has information on conferences and links government sites, parent groups and a message board.  It publishes a quarterly newsletter and holds an annual convention for parents, teachers, and administrators.


American Association for Gifted Children

The American Association for Gifted Children, the first voluntary non-profit organization in the United States devoted exclusively to the needs of gifted , talented, and creative children, was founded in 1946 by Dr. Ruth Strang and Miss Pauline Williamson. The Association assists in developing special materials for parents and community leaders and in encouraging studies, conferences, scholarships, and other services related to the development of the gifted.


National Association for Gifted Children

National Association for Gifted Children is an organization of educators, parents, and community people interested in the development of gifted people. The Association serves as a communication network for people seeking information related to giftedness. The Association publishes several books and pamphlets as well as a quarterly journal and newsletter.


Support Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)

This group holds a national convention each August for parents and teachers. It is a support group for interested parents. It is compiling a nationwide list of qualified psychologists and psychiatrists interested in working with gifted children and their families.


The Council for Exceptional Children

Official journal of The Council for Exceptional Children. This journal is published 8 times a year. Member's dues to the Council for Exceptional Children include a subscription to Exceptional Children.


Understanding Our Gifted

This contains many good articles related to Parenting.


Hoagies Gifted Education

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page offers resources, articles, books and links.


Gifted Services Resource Team Brain Benders

Set Game:  The SET® Puzzle involves learning a rule of logic, players must invoke their "left brain" logical and thinking skills. To find the 'SETS' players must examine the spatial array of cards and locate, in the overall pattern, the cards that satisfy the rule using "right brain" spatial and intuitive thinking skills. Every time you find a 'SET' you are using your whole brain and increasing your potential to be creative.


Hoagies Gifted Education Page- This site has lots of links to critical and logical thinking games, plexers, optical illusions, brian teasers, wacky wordies, and puzzle sites.


Brain Food:   A collection of puzzles ranging from word games to logic problems to riddles. All require thinking power


Conceptis Logic Puzzles:  A collection of online logic puzzles.

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