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Accessing InformationNow from Home
If you would like to access your child's grades from home, please call Patti Hayden at 747-5217 so she can make arrangements to send you your user name and password for InformationNow.  
Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Assignments/Notes can now be found on our website here

It's never too early to think about a yearbook.  Here are some early documents to look through to get ready to purchase a yearbook or order online.  Parents, you can add a special touch to the yearbook as well. 
iPad Insurance

If you opted for the iPad insurance last year, coverage ends in December.  Please download the new forms if you would like your insurance to be updated.

iPad Insurance Form

Math Tutoring
Mu Alpha Theta members are available M-Th after school (3:15-4:15) to help students in any math class.  Teachers are also available to help during this time.  Come by and get that extra help to get the grade you need. 
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- The STI InformationNow & Online Payment links can be found under the Parents tab.
Homework Hotline

Safety Tip Line: 747-1632
Weather Delay: 254-4848 
Muncie Community Schools
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Welcome to Muncie Central High School 

A Professional Development School in Collaboration with Ball State University.

 Etiquette Mocktail Party

Wednesday, April 30 at 6:30 in the Muncie Central Student Center
Event is free to all students!
Dress code - Business Professional and/or Smart Business


 Principal’s Message:

Basham Time

End of Course Assessment Vocabulary

Analyze - break apart, study the pieces
Assess - point out strengths and weaknesses
Classify - arrange by category
Compare - alike, all the ways alike
Criticize - find faults, explain faults
Contrast - different, all the ways different
Define - tell the meaning, in your own words
Describe - tell about, tell all about
Diagram - draw a picture, label the picture
Discuss - tell about, tell details
Evaluate - judge, in your own words
Explain - tell how, put in your own words
Formulate - put together, create
Illustrate - give examples, give one or more
Infer - a good guess, read between the lines
Interpret - explain the meaning, what does it mean to you
Justify - defend, prove you’re right
Outline - put information in order, order by time, place or importance
Persuade - convince someone, argue your point
Predict - make a guess, what will happen next
Review - examine the facts, go back and tell
Summarize - sum it up, give me the short version
Support - give the facts back up with details
Trace - outline, list in steps


Dale Basham, Interim Principal.

This Week in Delaware County: 
Tom Jarvis with Steve Lindell from WLBC Wake Up Crew.

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