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Congratulations to our boys' basketball team on an undefeated season (9-0) and winning the 2015-16 City Championship!

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Welcome Principal Ms. Martin to East Washington Academy!

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Our WILDCATS have just finished their first grading period of the 2015-2016 school year. I am sure that most of our families are happy with their student’s grades but there might be a few parents who are wondering what they can do to see an increase in their child’s performance in the classroom. No matter which parent you are, HOMEWORK is usually the most common challenge for our youngsters. Here are some suggestions for getting over the homework “hump”.

  • Getting started – Help your child figure out when he is the most productive. Should he come in from school and relax for a while or should he jump right in to his work? Have your student try both methods and after two weeks, the two of you can discuss which routine worked best and stick with it!

  • Staying motivated – Do you notice that your student gets frequently distracted while working? Suggest that when he is doing his work to move to a new location. For example, trying doing spelling/vocabulary at the kitchen table and reading in a nice comfy chair in the living room. Try planning a specific break time which will allow the student to eat a snack or take a stretch. Movement gives the brain a “second wind”.

  • Solving problems – When your child finds himself “stuck” on an assignment, first have him tell you what needs to be done to complete the task. If he understands what needs to be done, have the student figure out what “tools” he needs.  For example, for a math assignment, the student use a number line or counters. If stumped on a word during a reading assignment, the student might need the use of a dictionary or reread the paragraph to find context clues to assist. There is always the option for your child to call a friend, too.

Remember, homework is opportunity for your student to show his classroom teacher if he understand the skill or concept taught during the school day. If it appears that your child is really baffled by the assignment, write a note saying that. This information will let the teacher know there is a need for reteaching the skill or concept. Try these strategies at home and let’s work together for school success!








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