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Welcome to Muncie Southside High School 

A Letter from Mrs. Thompson

I would like to take the opportunity before too much time passes to thank all Muncie Southside High School stakeholders for their support and kindness to me these past ten years as your Principal. 

Words cannot express how honored and blessed I have been to serve in that capacity.  I have experienced very few “bad days” in my tenure at SHS and every day has truly been better because of the great people I have worked with over the years and the outstanding students who have attended and still attend SHS.

I always tell everyone when I describe my students that they are kind, appreciative, resilient, and talented beyond belief.  Any visitor to our building will always find a student ready to open the door and give friendly advice on where to find a particular office or the sign-in desk.

It is my opinion that the faculty, support staff, and administrators at SHS are the best anywhere.  Together we have transformed SHS both inside and out.  After the extensive school  renovation from 2006-2009 SHS has become the most beautiful school building in the entire area.   Along with that, students have made huge gains in academic achievement and continue to amaze all of us.  Together we have created a positive school culture of high expectations and excellence.  The adults at SHS are loyal, passionate, and love the students very much.

 The parents, fans, boosters, and the Southside community in general have a special place in my heart.  They have always made me feel like a true “Rebel” and have treated me with warmth and respect.   Believe it or not in ten years I have never had anyone use profanity toward me or hold a grudge.  That says a lot about the Southside family.

I have only two regrets as we all transition to new places:    1)  I am sorry that many of the citizens of Muncie, Delaware County, and East Central Indiana do not know what a wonderful school Muncie Southside High School is.  It truly is Muncie’s best kept secret.  2)  I am sad that I will not be accompanying my students and staff to Muncie Central High School, but want to assure everyone that I will do my best to make their transition successful.

In closing, I will be ever grateful for the time I have spent at SHS and want all of you to know that I am a better person for having had this opportunity.  I hope that in return I have made  your experience at SHS better by my having been here. 



Rebecca Thompson,
Principal, Southside High School, 2004-2014




This Week in Delaware County:

Rebecca Thompson with Steve Lindell from WLBC Wake up Crew. (New 11/2013)




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