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Welcome to Storer Elementary School





Welcome Mrs. Kelly Scott, Principal at Storer Elementary.

The Muncie Community Schools Board of Trustees appointed Kelly Scott as principal at Storer Elementary School. Mrs. Scott graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Education with a Kindergarten Endorsement from Anderson University. She received her Master of Arts in Education from Ball State University, followed by her administrative license in 2004. Mrs. Scott has nineteen years of experience in education and has been employed with the Muncie Community Schools for the last six years as a data coach at Storer Elementary. Mrs. Scott was nominated as the Storer Elementary Teacher of the Year in May of 2013, and in June 2013, she was nominated to represent Muncie Community Schools and was selected as Top Ten Finalist in the Indiana Teacher of the Year contest.

Message from Mrs. Scott, 

Dear Parents,
      One of my favorite parts of being a teacher was telling stories.  Story time is precious, revealing real emotions of both the students and myself.  Story time allowed me to connect with my students and build relationships with them.  My eleven-year-old, Lilli, always loved a story before bedtime.  Now, she writes her own stories, and even puts some of them to music.  My three-year-old, Cloee, is very fond of the Llama, Llama series by Anna Dewdney.  She loves having them read to her before bed.  In the book Llama Llama Misses Mama, the little llama is upset about going to school because he really misses his “Mama”.  The teacher in the story is reassuring to the little llama, and encourages him to participate with his classmates.  Llama realizes that school is a place with many great activities and teachers that care.  Eventually, Mama Llama returns, and they say goodbye for the day.

“Lots to show and lots to say!
Back again another day….
Llama finds out something new-
He loves Mama,
And school , too!

     I have been telling stories for over nineteen years, educating kindergarten through fifth grade students.  My philosophy of teaching is based on my deep desire to meet the needs of each individual child.  I believe that every child can learn, and this learning will take place as children are motivated, held to high standards, respected, and valued.  As the principal at Storer Elementary School, I will work with you and your child, along-side our dedicated teachers and staff, to maintain this positive atmosphere of learning throughout the entire school and school community.

      This year, we will continue to follow the 8-Step Process.  Learning is a constant cycle of checks and balances.  As we discover what students know and do not know, we are better able to plan and provide lessons that will help them succeed and challenge them to grow.  My goal is success for every student.

     I have been honored to be a part of such a fabulous group of people the past six years as Data Coach, and am excited to continue serving you this year in this new role.  Please feel free to stop in the office before school begins to introduce or reintroduce yourself.  My door is always open.  If I am with someone else, please make an appointment, or return later, so that I will not miss an opportunity to know you better. Every person has a personal life story to tell.  As the principal of Storer Elementary School, I am eager to merge my story with stories of every parent, student, teacher, and staff member.

Once upon a time…
Mrs. Kelly Scott

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