CONGRATULATIONS for placing 6th in the state!! You are AWESOME!

Winner of the 2016 Storer Spelling Bee was Hannah Sparks.  Ethan Klinger was the runner-up.  Congratulations to both!

Food Drive

As part of the local activities in celebration of Black History Month and recognition of Dr. martin Luther King, Jr., the MLK Jr. Dream Team is sponsoring a county wide food drive.  The drive will run from February 1st  thru the 29th. 

Yearbook orders are due in the office by February 19.  Orders turned in after the deadline cannot be guaranteed.  All checks should be made out to LIFETOUCH.  If you need an order form, stop by the office and pick one up.  Yearbooks will be delivered sometime in May.

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IDOE web link that allows parents the opportunity to have their child(ren) experience ISTEP+.


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 Mrs. Kelly Scott, Principal at Storer Elementary.

Message from Mrs. Scott,

Dear Storer Families,

     It’s February and spring is just around the corner.  We were so fortunate  to have mild weather until last month.  Then winter hit!  But in spite of the frigid temperatures outside, we kept things  running smoothly in the classrooms.  Getting ready for IREAD testing for 3rd graders and ISTEP testing for grades 3, 4, and 5 has kept us so busy.   Do you know the terms “acuity”,  “success time”,  “tier groups”?  If you don’t, ask your child or your child’s teacher.  It’s always good to know what’s going on.  Being a part of your child’s education is so important.  Students whose parents are involved in what’s going on in school tend to be more successful. 

     Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

Do you know your child’s best friend? 
Do you know exactly what T.V. shows your child is watching?
Do you know what video games your child is playing?

Does your child read everyday?

     Here’s a challenge for you and your family.  Read together at least 30 minutes everyday.  Turn off all cell phones, computers, video games, T.V.’s, anything electronic, grab a book  or two, read together and then talk about the story.  Use your imaginations and come up with alternate endings.  It’s an excellent way to spend time together and open up communication with one another.  Have fun!


February 11     Have a Heart for Reading

April 6            Write Night

May 19            Book Report Fair



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