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Six masked students posing in the classroom for a group phote

The Coronavirus has affected our schools, our community and our world like nothing we’ve ever experienced in public education. At Muncie Community Schools, we have been determined to be transparent with the effects of the pandemic on our school system. We have posted updated policies and protocols in this space and hope it has helped keep everyone informed. 

Now that the pandemic appears to be subsiding, MCS has done away with most restrictions, although mask wearing remains optional. We will continue to work closely with the Delaware County Health Department and other health professionals to stay on top of developments and react appropriately.

While things have turned in a favorable direction, the situation is still fluid and we will continue to operate our schools in the safest manner possible.  For more information and community resources, please visit the Education Support Hub

Thank you! 

Daily updates August 2021-February 2022

Daily Case Updates

MCS Positive Cases




Others   Total Cases Total Quarantine
Aug 111 10 4 125 495
Sept 57 5 3 65 86
Oct 16 2 4 22 22
Nov 37 5 3 45 57
Dec 41 5 2 48 61
Jan. 295 31 12 338 462