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MCS offers $210 per day for qualified substitute teachers

MCS offers $210 per day for qualified substitute teachers
Andy Klotz
2nd grade class at North View Elementary

Muncie, Ind. – It’s an issue facing virtually every school district in Indiana and many throughout the country – too few substitute teachers. In an effort to change that, Muncie Community Schools (MCS) has doubled its highest sub pay rate from $105 per day to $210 per day.

“We’re serious about keeping our classrooms filled with the most qualified individuals possible, and this is one more way we can try to do that,” MCS CEO and Director of Public Education Dr. Lee Ann Kwiatkowski said.

In order to qualify for the higher pay rate, individuals must fit at least one of the following criteria:

  • Hold a current Indiana K-12 teaching license
  • Have previous certified K-12 teaching experience
  • Have a master’s or doctorate degree in the field of education

The $210 rate is for daily or long-term substitutes who meet the criteria, and is at the discretion of MCS administration. The MCS Board of Trustees approved the new policy earlier this week.

“This is an important issue across the state, and I believe this incentive has real potential to attract high quality substitute teachers to Muncie Community Schools,” MCS Board President James Williams said.

Earlier this year, MCS gave certified teachers their largest raises in district history and increased the salary of first-year teachers to $48,000, one of the highest rates in the state. Funds for the pay increases are a result of grant funding and better fiscal management since the district partnered with Ball State University in 2018.

Substitute teachers at MCS who don’t meet the criteria above still receive very competitive pay rates - $75 to $105 depending on their education level. Anyone interested in applying for a substitute position can do so at

About Muncie Community Schools

Serving the local community since 1855, Muncie Community Schools (MCS) educates more than 5,000 students at six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school while also managing several other educational facilities. Through its unique partnership with Ball State University, MCS strives to maximize each student’s potential so he or she can be a positive, productive member of society. Find out more about MCS or Director of Public Education and CEO Lee Ann Kwiatkowski at