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MCS teachers to receive largest raises in district history

Andy Klotz
School Board Mtg. 4.26.22

Muncie, Ind. – Longtime Muncie Community Schools (MCS) teachers may not believe their eyes when they open their paychecks next fall. After going raise-less for several years prior to the 2018 MCS-Ball State partnership, the MCS Board of Trustees has approved the largest raises in district history, with additional compensation going to those who have been with the school system for five or more years when school resumes in the fall.

All MCS teachers will receive hefty pay increases beginning in the 2022-23 school year. Here is a breakdown of the approved raises:

  • 1 - 4 years of teaching experience:  $6,800
  • 5 - 10 years of teaching experience:  $7,200
  • 5 - 10 years of teaching experience with 5+ years at MCS:  $7,700
  • 11 - 19 years of teaching experience:  $7,700
  • 11 - 19 years of teaching experience with 5+ years at MCS:  $8,200
  • 20+ years of teaching experience: $6,800
  • 20+ years of teaching experience with 5+ years at MCS:  $7,300

In addition, MCS will automatically bump up any teacher with 20+ years of experience to $60,000 annually if the raise does not push them over that threshold. The district has also increased the salary of all beginning teachers to $48,000, up from $42,000 just a year ago.

“We are thrilled to be able to recognize the outstanding teachers we have in Muncie Community Schools in this way,” Dave Heeter, a member of the board’s Compensation Committee, said. “We believe this is fair and equitable for the jobs these hardworking educators do every day, and it’s also responsible handling of the district’s finances to keep us in a stable situation.”

With the new salary structure, MCS will leap into one of the top-paying school districts in the state, particularly for beginning teachers whose salaries have climbed from $34,650 to $48,000 in just five years.

“This is a great day for MCS teachers and families,” MCS Director of Public Education and CEO Lee Ann Kwiatkowski said. “It shows how serious we are about attracting the best of the best for our classrooms, and it compensates those loyal teachers who stuck with MCS through the lean times.”

In total, the raises will cost the district approximately $2.4 million, which comes on the heels of other salary increases and stipends paid to teachers and other MCS employees over the past two years. The payouts have paid off in teacher retention, which has gone from 67% in 2016 to 83% in 2021.

“We are very fortunate to have the support of the community behind us,” Dr. Kwiatkowski said. “State legislators were also instrumental in providing additional funds to public schools and we are happy to be able to pass that directly on to our hard-working teachers.”

The board also plans to recognize the district’s top performing teachers with more compensation. It has budgeted an additional $12,000 to be parceled out to each school’s “Teacher of the Year.” Criteria for these awards is still being determined.

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