Parents and Stakeholders can review the MCS Volunteer Policy 
and submit this online application to volunteer.

Personal Background Checks

Ball State University (BSU) students and faculty participating in academic programs, projects, or activities with Muncie Community Schools (MCS) must have an expanded criminal history check completed through the BSU Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practices.

Community and BSU volunteers who may be in direct contact with MCS students will be required to complete an expanded criminal history check through Safe Hiring Solutions on MCS Human Resources Webpage.  One time “Special Guest Speakers” or individuals making presentations to students, who will always be supervised by MCS personnel, are not required to provide MCS a criminal history check.

Parents/guardians and family members of students directly working with students, such as tutors or mentors will be required to have an expanded criminal history background check.  

Parent volunteers not working directly with students and under the supervision of MCS personnel when volunteering in MCS will need to have a limited criminal history background done through MCS as part of the volunteer application process.