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PEBT Information

Information from Family and Social Services Administration

PEBT Card Information

If a student has been issued a PEBT card January 2021 or later, benefits will be loaded on the existing card.  A new card will not be automatically mailed.

If a student has never previously received a PEBT card, one will be issued.  Families should wait at least 3 weeks before following up on a card not yet received. 

PEBT Replacement Cards

  • If a family has multiple cards, please use the phone number on the back of the card to check the balance on each card before submitting a request for a replacement. Benefits are applied to cards issued January 2021 or later. Families are encouraged to try to find the correct card before requesting a new one.
  • Replacements may only be requested from the PEBT website, the EBT customer service number on the back of the PEBT card should not be used for replacement requests
  • Only one card per student can be active at a time. If a card is requested to be replaced, it is inactivated and can no longer be used.
  • Each request requires a staff to make a manual entry to request that a card be mailed. There will be a delay between when the request is submitted online and when the request is worked by our staff.
  • Cards are not stored in or mailed from DFR offices. Cards are mailed from a secure card facility like a debit or credit card.  There is a delay between when the card is requested by us and when it is mailed.  
  • It is likely that card replacements will take up to 6-8 weeks.  Submitting multiple requests may lead to delays.


Address Change and Card Replacement for PEBT

In addition to an address change on the PEBT request, please login to your parent portal and update student information and monitor attendance.  This is the information that the state pulls directly from PowerSchool to determine eligibility for benefits.  

Parent Portal