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OT/PT Corner

We always get questions from parents about which gifts might help students with skills. Holiday gift ideas for gross motor, fine motor, and sensory skills:  

OT focus: grasping.  Grasping is the way our hands hold onto objects and writing utensils. Nice grasping shows us that children’s hands are strong and coordinated enough for higher level fine motor skills such as handwriting and using scissors. Easy ways to help our hands be ready for good grasping: use play dough or putty, use tweezers and tongs, play with blocks and legos, lace beads, etc. The ideas are countless for helping our kids to develop better grasping and fine motor skills. Here are some links to fun lists to help improve hand strength and grasping skills:

PT focus: Engage in lots and lots of ball play with your kids. Use balls of different sizes and textures. We have to have a nice base of support and gross motor skills to help improve those grasping skills discussed above.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! 

OT/PT team at Muncie Community Schools and Delaware Blackford Special Education Cooperati