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Ideas and Concerns


Muncie Community Schools is always looking to improve, and communication is essential to resolving concerns and generating new ideas. If you have an idea or concern, please complete this form. Your submission will be sent to the appropriate person for review and response. Thank you for doing your part to help us improve.

Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Name of person initiating the idea or concern.required
First Name
Last Name
Relationship to Muncie Community Schoolsrequired
Email Addressrequired
Email Address
Phone Numberrequired
I have.....required
The concern is related to...required

To report a bully, use the form below.  You do not need to complete and Idea or Concern Form.

Bully Report Form

What is the name of the staff member?
If the concern involves a student matter, please provide the name of the student(s), grade level, and school(s) attended.
Provide a detailed description of your idea , or concern, including dates.required
Describe the outcome or resolution you are seeking.required
Whom have you already spoken to regarding this idea or concern?